Credit Report Protection

Get Your Free Credit Reports

Federal law entitles you to at least one free credit report every year from credit reporting agencies (CRAs), including the major CRAs – EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and TRANSUNION.

Due to pandemic-related identity fraud, the three major CRAs allow you to check your credit reports EVERY WEEK for free until April 2022.

How to Get Your Credit Reports

You can download your free credit reports from EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and TRANSUNION at, the only government-authorized source for free credit reports. Just click on the “Get Credit Reports” link below.

Correct Your Credit Reports

Inspect your credit reports for false or incorrect information; for example, fraudulent new loans and new credit cards that lenders issued to criminals using your stolen identity, and incorrect payment information regarding your existing loans and credit accounts.

How to Correct Your Credit Reports

By law, credit reporting agencies and lenders are required to correct and delete false, inaccurate, and incomplete information contained in your credit reports. Just click on the links below to dispute and correct false and incorrect credit report information contained in your major CRA credit reports.

Freeze Your Credit Reports

Federal law allows you to order a free security “credit freeze” on your credit reports. A credit freeze prohibits credit reporting agencies from releasing your credit reports to new lenders without your express authorization. Without access to your credit reports, responsible lenders will not give criminals fraudulent loans and credit cards in your name.

How to Freeze Your Credit Reports

By law, you have the option to order a credit freeze either online or by phone. The law also allows you to temporarily “unfreeze” your credit reports online or by phone when you want to apply for new loans and credit cards. CRAs must freeze your credit reports within one business day of your request, and unfreeze your credit reports within one hour of your request.

Click on the links below to freeze and unfreeze your credit reports online or by phone with EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and TRANSUNION.

Experian - Online Freeze

Call Experian - (888) 397-3742

Equifax - Online Freeze

Call Equifax - (800) 349-9960

TransUnion - Online Freeze

Call Transunion - (888) 909-8872